CANADA – A small town in Canada is becoming famous for its much larger residents!
The small and quiet town of Churchill Manitoba, with a population of a little over 900, is gaining a lot of notoriety for its polar bears. Churchill is located on the shore of Hudson Bay. The polar bears move toward the lake shore from inland in the fall and have provided the town with the nickname, “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” Thanks to the bears, the town has experienced an explosion in the tourism industry.
Churchill is a very famous location for Arctic research and the town has more to offer than just polar bears. It has above average restaurants, tour operators, several hotels and a health centre.
The town offers tours for individuals who want to see the polar bears up close. Groups are shuttled aboard “Tundra Buggies,” all-terrain vehicles resembling a cross between a school bus and a monster truck. Tours usually run from early October to mid-November. It’s suggested that tours be booked early, up to a year, as this hidden gem is gaining national exposure and becoming very popular.

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