ORLANDO, FL – Tiger Woods was allowed to come back home. However, since he was a bad boy, he finds himself grounded!
Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s wife, hit the town Saturday night and Tiger was nowhere to be found. The reason being that he – wasn’t invited. Instead Tiger found himself relegated to his house and taking care of their two children. Elin celebrated a friend’s birthday with a group of girlfriends by dining out at the Disney World Dolphin Hotel.
Elin was spotted wearing a black dress with a belt and a jean jacket and most importantly – no wedding ring. Elin has not been seen wearing her wedding ring ever since the infamous car accident and the fallout after.
Although Elin has given Tiger a second chance, that doesn’t mean things have been resolved. The two are currently living in separate houses. “The marriage is not good,” says a source close to the couple. “She barely interacts with him.”
Whether the marriage will be saved remains to be seen. What’s more important, however, is that Tiger spends some time being a father and Elin spends some time surrounding herself with positive influences. It’s evident that she’s not letting the past keep her from leading her life.

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  1. Tiger Woods could and should put and end to this horrid situation by making a public statement. Tiger needs to tell the world that he is seriously committed to his rehab, his family and his career and that he wants to move on with his life. A statement from Tiger will help to stop or diminish the malicious rumors, innuendos and vicious attacks from women seeking money and revenge from him. I hope he does this soon because this ordeal has caused him and his family enough pain and suffering already.

  2. Look…. if she has given tiger a blow job everyday, tiger has nothing left to shoot when he goes out. If she does not like to do it, then let others do it and do not complain.
    Men give what women loves. Should women do the same for men? To me its a big YES


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