NEW YORK, NY – A spurned mistress is believed to be spending at least $250,000 to expose her former lover!
YaVaughnie Wilkins contacted Bela Kovacs, a San Francisco web designer, to create a site for her. Called ‘CharlesPhillipsAndYaVaughnieWilkins.com’, it was to be a gift to Oracle president Charles Phillips. Kovacs explained, “She was ecstatic when it finally launched and the whole thing was done… she gave me indication that Charles liked it.”
This is unlikely, as Wilkins is the 8 1/2 year mistress of the very married Phillips!

The site contains an online photo album of what appears to be eight years worth of pictures of them together. Some of the photos include them posing with Phillips’ son. She has also scanned dozens of florist cards from Charles, including “We’re going to have a great life, stick with me.”
The site would have possibly been ignored, if it hadn’t been for the multiple massive billboards she had erected in New York City, Atlanta and San Francisco!

Titled ‘Charles & YaVaughnie’, with a photo of the two together, it includes a quote from ‘cep’ that reads “You are my soulmate forever!”
As people began to catch on to the strange billboards, and it was being revealed that he was still married to his wife Karen Phillips, Charles was forced to release a statement.
“I had an 8½-year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins. My divorce proceedings began in 2008. The relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended and we both wish each other well.”
However, he was seen as recently as November with his wife at a museum benefit, where he dedicated most of his speech to complimenting his wife.
Wilkins has not yet been reached for comment. It is still unclear why she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to expose her relationship with Williams.

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15 thoughts on “YAVAUGHNIE WILKINS”

  1. First of all, you spent 81/2 years with a married man; Wrong! He never brought closure to his marriage and you never should have allowed him to use you. The relationship is over, let it go. Your antics will sting him a little. He is back with his wife and they are both shaking their heads and saying how foolish you are.

  2. CAPS lock is the key usually situated directly above the left shift key.
    If you press it once you will be able to type like the rest of us !

  3. I believe he got what he deserved — All these highly powerful men who screw around lie and get caught then want to say sorry to their wives and move on as fast as possible so that people would forget that it happened!
    Don't get me wrong I would not air out my dirty laundry, but he had it coming!!! What goes around comes around!!! I'm sure he will think twice before he does it again!!!

  4. Very sad to see a beautiful woman allow herself to be used. 8years !! smart women know to accept being a playmate and enjoy but not to expect anything stable to develop like marriage. Very rarely happens and if it does how can you trust him. Men with power have egos that override the commitment of marriage . It just takes a willing partner to share the fantasy. Obviously that LOVE wasnt enough for him!!!

  5. What comes around goes around. She destroyed her ex husbands heart so she got hers and probably will get it again. Too bad sooooo sad!!

  6. Dumb. Not him – her. Here's why….
    If her goal was to get back at him with the hope that he would leave his wife (or that she would leave him) it didn't work. By doing this crazy sh_t, while she might have endeared herself to all these "you go girl" females on this board, she probably scared away any potential suitors. In the information age we live in, everyone does a google check of any person for whom they might have an interest. When guys look her name up, they (myself included) would run for the hills.


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