CHATTANOOGA, TN – A husband-wife team of shoplifters at a Tennessee Walmart tried desperately to get out of their arrest!
Officer Josh Wright was off duty at a Walmart in Chattanooga, when he noticed a man trying to get by a store greeter while carrying about $2,000 in goods.
When Wright displayed his badge to the man that he suspected was shoplifting, the man told him the badge was fake and tried to get past him! He was then tackled and arrested.
His wife went a step further and faked a heart attack! She said she did not know the man, however a witness told Wright that the couple had been together in the store the whole time.
As the witness walked to the parking lot to leave, the wife followed her and attacked her!
However, the wife was the one who ended up being stabbed in the arm with a pocket knife, and was taken to a hospital for treatment.
The husband has been charged with theft over $1,000 and assault on a police officer. The wife’s charges are still pending.

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