NEW YORK, NY – A growing religious movement is protesting the tradition of buying gifts for Christmas!
The Advent Conspiracy movement is based on the belief that the commercialization of Christmas is threatening the very meaning of the holiday.
One of the leaders of the movement, pastor Rick McKinley, explained, “It’s the shopping, the going into debt, the worrying that ‘If I don’t spend enough money, someone will think I don’t love them.'”
About four years ago, McKinley and a number of pastors realized that they no longer enjoyed Christmas. They decided to ask members of their congregations to spend less on presents and instead spend more time worshiping and donating saved funds to good causes.
Some of the conservative movement are outraged over what they see as a threat to Christmas. Bill O’Reilly consistently speaks of the supposed “war on Christmas”, while others like the organization Focus on the Family create campaigns against anti-Christmas companies. Stand for Christmas is used to highlight corporations that “purposefully” omit references to Christmas in their holiday promotions.
Instead of attacking the consumerist attitude to the holiday, the Advent Conspiracy focuses on the positive actions followers can take to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas, such as donating their leftover money to organizations that dig wells in developing countries.
Watch their viral video below. How do you feel about this?
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3 thoughts on “ADVENT CONSPIRACY”

  1. After a certain age, why not wait until the after Christmas sales?
    Somewhre in NYC or Miami:
    Solly, don't they know this will be half price after Christmas?
    Mayry: "Oy ! They have to have something under the tree!"

  2. Idiots! The reason is pagan NOT Christian but back in the day when they wanted to convert the pagans to Christianity they found it VERY hard to eradicate their holidays. One of the greatest happened for the winter solstice and was thousands of years old. Since the conquering Christians couldn't stop the people from worshipping, they changed the holiday to have a 'Christian face' on it and called it 'Jesus birthday' so they could convert the poor souls (whom they'd later torture and burn as witches anyway). No, presents are pagan and GOOD it is the celebration of life in mid-winter, it is the celebration of giving to and sharing with your family, friends and neighbors, it is the wonderful joy of just being alive and being with those you love. Leave it alone!! You've taken WAY too much of our stuff already!!!!!


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