Does it seem that everyone else is humming Jingle Bells while you’re moaning the holiday blues?
Don’t worry – you can be happy at Christmas by following a simple suggestions from the experts.
Here are some reasons why folks feel sad at Christmastime:
– The stress associated with shopping: fighting the crowds, hunting for gifts and spending too much money.
– Having unrealistic expectations about Christmas. Some people feel that just because it’s “the season to be jolly,” all their problems will vanish.
– Eating and drinking too much. Holiday dinners and parties can leave us with horrendous hangovers and unwanted pounds. To beat the blues this holiday season, psychologist Dr. Harriet Braiker and psychiatrist Dr. Darold Treffert offer these tips:
1. Reach out to other people. “Don’t be bashful about seeking out friends,” Dr. Braiker said. “Ask them if you can join them for some of their holiday activities. You may feel awkward doing this – but it’s better than sitting at home.”
2. Set a limit on how much you’re going to spend on gifts and stick to it.
3. Don’t leave your shopping until the last minute.
4. Don’t expect that you’re always going to feel cheerful.
5. If Christmas brings painful memories because of the loss of a loved one through death or divorce, change the holiday routines that trigger the memories.
For example, if you’ve always stayed home for Christmas, take a trip.
6. Don’t eat or drink too much and get plenty of sleep. It’ll help you avoid downward mood swings.
7. Get rid of Christmas traditions that are no longer fun. If putting up a big tree has turned into a headache, stop doing it. Or if writing personal notes on your Christmas cards has become a hassle, give it up.

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  1. psychologists tell us that the FEELING of hope is highly theraputic, a psychic innoculation against SAD, so don't be afraid to hope for the moon, let yourself imagine a world where dreams come true, get into it, let the kids get into it (they have little trouble)
    but … here's the hard part, and the reason we do it every year: when you wake up christmas morning, don't even think about what DIDN'T happen, toss that stuff, it's junk. Transfer all that excitement and anticipation on to what DOES happen, to that day, those people right there. That is why the gift is called The Present. Pretend if you have to (it will come easier with practice) pretend its what you hoped for.
    Yes, it is 'illogical' but only if you look without realizing that you are a human with a human's brain; its not about being 'factual', it is about medicinal healing, that's the 'fact' of it, the logic. Those who pull it off experience a magic infusion that makes them want to do it again next year and turn-on everyone they meet, it's THAT powerful.

  2. You tell me how can you NOT have the HOLIDAY BLUES..when you get less than $200 a month to pay bills,buy food get gas and more and bounch your bank every month and still be negative in the bank . Your cable bill to be turned off tomorrow and internet and phone's and who know's what's next. My husband pays with his check the house payment and water and trash. I have a stack of bills that will soon take me to court to pay them. I go to the store and see people buying things and cry and wonder how they have money and why i have rolled pennies and asking people in line if they have 10cent so i can get what i didnt have enough for. My family wears the same shoes and same clothes every day. We have a nice house but nothing else. Ive tried everything to enter to win money on ellen and every place else and no one listens. Someone tell me what do i do to not have a nervous break down?


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