BIG SPRING, TX – A man who put out a replica of Michelangelo’s David in a Santa hat was told to cover it up!
Barry McBee decided top ut a 5-foot-tall replica of the famous statue on his lawn, with the added accessories of Santa’s hat and beard. McGee merely thought he would get a chuckle out of neighbors during the holiday season.
“I just like to shock people to make them laugh, kind of break the monotony around here,” said McBee. “I just bring them out occasionally.”

However, local parents began calling authorities and complaining about the statue, staying their children were asking why Santa had no clothes on!
After an informal complaint was received, an officer went to photograph the statue as evidence.
Big Spring city attorney Linda Sjogren admitted that the set-up did not violate any laws, nor would she consider the classic piece of art obscene. However, she did request from McBee that he put some more clothes on Santa/David.
McBee has given in, and the statue now wears a pair of black and white fake velvet shorts, with a Christmas bow to boot!
Said McBee, “I think if it offends any children, I didn’t want to do that.”

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