ATLANTA, GA – Celebrity chef Paula Deen was slinging ham for charity, and got hit in the face!
Paula Deen was at a Thanksgiving food drive on Monday in Atlanta, where she was helping unload a truck filled with hams and turkey. The food had been donated for the hungry and homeless.
As a tradition, Deen always throws a ham every year, to get volunteers excited. Unfortunately, the man who caught it was unfamiliar with the festive toss, and decided to throw it back. Deen was not prepared…
After holding ice to her face, she was back on th food line! Take a look below for her light-hearted reaction:

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4 thoughts on “PAULA DEEN HIT WITH HAM”

  1. That was great! I wish we could all laugh it off like this gracious woman! I think I'll start watching her cooking show she's a real inspiration in so many more ways as well. Bless her heart for giving food to the homeless for the Thanksgiving holiday 😉


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