CALABASAS, CA – A holiday in the TV show “South Park” has unfortunately become a reality, to the horror of “ginger kids” everywhere!
In 2005, South Park aired an episode called “Ginger Kids”, where the character Cartman decides to create the holiday “Kick a Ginger Day”. The sole purpose is to beat up other children with red hair.
Facebook groups began popping up, declaring November 20th “Kick a Ginger Day”. Police believe this led to 14 students beating up a red-headed 12 year old in Calabasas, California!
Check out the news report below:

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46 thoughts on “KICK A GINGER DAY”

    • oh I know, ahahahahha
      "there are multiple facebook groups that promote kick a ginger day on facebook"
      -what he scrolls through-
      "Anti Kick a Ginger day!"
      "Stop Kick a Ginger day!"
      I swear, most adults are so behind news like this that they report it like a year after everyone's already dealt with this drama and gotten over it…..
      That 'kick a ginger' southpark episode came out in 2005….slow news day much?

  1. The reporter is a red head.
    This is despicable. My niece is potentially in harm's way though she has some strawberry blonde streaks most people consider her redheads.
    Have they beaten up girls too?

  2. How is this any different than "smack a black" day or "kick a spick" day? These are hate crimes against a group of people and should be treated as such. South Park was satirizing hatred towards groups of people and how meaningless and hypocritical it can be. This just proves how stupid and ignorant many people are. On that note, I apologize to any supporters of this "kick a ginger" movement for using big words in this post, most of you probably never received any education past 8th grade.

  3. I'm not a natural redhead but i have my hair dyed a dark red and on this alleged "kick a ginger" day, i was kicked repeatedly in between my classes. I was offended and kicked everyone who kicked any redheads in my school. But on another note, i dont think this was all inspired by a south park episode.. The way teenagers are today they would come up with something like this on their own just to entertain themselves. Its horrible how teenagers have gotten, and i myself am an appalled teenager. Just horrible.

  4. About the "kick a ginger day!"
    This is absolutly chocking news to hear that young students beat up other young students because of their red hair! Dont their parents react and how could youngster do such of crime? All this I blame politicians and the media for. All the evilship children and young daily read in the newspaper about hate, rasism, violence play-games and all politicians lies! All this have poisoning the worlds children and young and much of the parents dont even care? What kind of world!
    You young with hate to redheaded! Why do you bear so much hate inside you? Think about it and take a deep look inside your self. Look at the world outside there and instead think about what must be done NOW to stop all the crime and evilship! The world need your love.
    Please write to me about what you think about this "kick a ginger day!"
    Lise Tollefsen Slembe
    Leader of the norwegian organisation HULK
    Help for young in seriouse lifecrises

  5. There are some "Gingers" that are people you do not want to mess with. Shamus, "The Celtic Warrior" on WWE RAW a wreslter you do not want to pick a fight with & the late, Charles Starkweather of Lincoln, NE. In January, 1958 he took out 11 people because of his bad choice of having an underaged girl to be his queen. He paid the price, but events like "Birmingham Sunday" and 9/11 were staged by "non-Gingers".

  6. This happened in Calabasas, California, home of the world famous "Kick A Smoker" law. Thank you, Calabasas City Council. Kids learn from their adult models.
    Southpark clip. 11.20.02. The boys and their parents go to the Museum of Tolerance where they learn that it's always wrong to discriminate against people, unless they're smokers.

    • What comes round, goes round. Are you bored? Learn something to help your unimaginative mind which is full of hate.

    • Seriously, what's the point ? o.Ô You were bored to be part of KKK, now your target is Gingers ? What's next ? … You'll go to middle Africa to slaughter albinos people

  7. lets say a prayer… God pleeze help this idiot not go to hell cause if he dies right now he totally would and i'm a girl ginger and i'm popular and beautiful and i guarantee that if someone called me a ginger i'd turn the whole skool on them, u know wat your prolly a fat hairy dropout who lives with his mom in the basement and spends all his time on the computer badmouthin people who can't be wat the media considers "normal", newsflash get up off your ass and go do somethin with your life amen

  8. The Vikings had red hair dick head.. I have red hair and have never been beaten in a fight, including wimps like you who need to pull a knife… or a gun… or only act tough with two mates next to you… your parents are "probably" illiterate OR already in jail, so I kindly offer you an education and will happily buy you a book..

  9. i'm a ginger too and this really touch me but also make me super angry. why would people do this?!
    LET IT STOP, RIGHT NOW! you know what this make kids do? kill themself. is that fun? NO! sometimes i want to kill myself and i wont let that happen again! we must be strong!
    xx anonymous from holland.

  10. I just came back from Michael Copper’s YouTube channel, Copper being the red-haired user that has been blocking trolls who create new accounts to get around the blocks, “ogres” he calls them. I at first couldn’t understand why there was such animosity against red-haired people, especially since here in Japan, young people commonly lighten their naturally black hair to red all the time. It wasn’t until I found out about the South Park episode that it finally sank in.


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