LOS ANGELES, CA – Photos have emerged from the Levi Jonnston’s Playgirl photo shoot.  In them he makes subtle references to supporting Obama.
Since breaking up with her daughter there has been a heated feud between Levi Johnston and Sarah Palin.  It is believed that Johnston worked in the Obama reference to further agitate his former mother-in-law-to-be and rival.
As Johnston progressively removes his jeans and other clothes, he is left wearing only a necklace that says “OBAMA”.  Given the otherwise All-American feel of the photos the necklace stands out somewhat.

In other photos he is laying naked covering himself only with a piece of linen, which is actually printed with the Democrat Health Care Bill.  Another photo shows Johnston with his bare bottom shown, twisting around to look at the camera with a hand covering his mouth and giving a mischevious look, written on his backside in calligraphy are the words “Oh Yes I Can.”
Closer inspection of some of the photographs reveals that Johnston had a certain amount of “manscaping” done to recreate the Obama logo.
Johnston says of the photo shoot, “I just wanted to make them artistic and classy.  If someone doesn’t like the content of my pictures, that’s their problem.”  Sarah Palin has ordered two dozen copies of the issue, and booked several hours at her local shooting range.

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