CLEVELAND, OH – The victim of this year’s infamous chimp attack has finally revealed her face to the public.
Charla Nash, 56, was the victim of a vicious chimpanzee attack earlier this year. While visiting her friend Sandra Herold, Herold’s pet chimp attacked Nash, presumably because he did not recognize her due to a recent hair cut.
Nash lost her hands, nose, eyes, lips, some facial bone structure, and also received some brain damage.
Nash has spent the rest of the year at the Cleveland Clinic, where she has received further surgery to try and repair the damage left to her face.
Knowing that photographers were after her for the first ever post-attack photo, Nash decided to reveal herself on her own terms. She invited Oprah Winfrey to the clinic for her first on-air interview. She removed the hat and veil she usually hides behind, for fear of startling others.
Warning: the video may be disturbing to some.

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13 thoughts on “CHARLA NASH”

  1. I watche this interview. This poor woman is in good spirits and has a positive outlook on her life going forward. The Good Lord in his wisdom has taken her sight from and her memory of the attack away from her. Imagine having your sight and seeing your reflection of your current face in the mirror each day? How very sad….

  2. I may go to Hell for this but, I feel that she had more than a plutonic relationship with the Chimp. Get'em wacked out on Zanex, work up sexually and then tell him NO. Wonder why he went Bizzerk !!

    • you're an idiot to make such a comment after all she has been through.. what if this was someone you loved.. or yourself for that matter.. she's lucky to be alive at all.

  3. I feel bad for this lady, but I also feel bad for the chimp who was shot due to this event. He was trying to protect his owner, nothing more. People need to remember that while chimps have the mentality of small children, they are not human. This chimp was not able to speak to ask if this lady was safe to enter their home and was doing what is natural for a chimpanzee to do. Even the specialists who work with chimps in zoos or other settings realize they are engaging with them at their own risk. They are not pets and should not be penalized for the stupidity of humans who trying to try them in to such.

  4. I had a wierd thought. I heard in Europe, something like 50% of girls get plastic surgery makeoverbefore age 18 because for girls, being successful is all about grabbing the best guy you can get. best meaning richest. And being hot is naturally the easiest way to snag men.


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