NEW YORK, NY – Yesterday was Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary, and some long-time fans are concerned about the Cookie Monster’s new attitude.
Sesame Street premiered on November 10, 1969, and is the longest running children’s program in television history. It has used a unique formula to educate children, by using animation, actors and puppets to teach basic math and the alphabet, as well as hygiene and social skills.
One favorite puppet of both children and adult fans is the Cookie Monster, a hyper single-minded creature that is obsessed with eating cookies. His theme song, “C is for Cookie”, is one of the most memorable songs in Sesame Street’s history.
Sesame Street is recognized for changing its content as America’s culture shifts, touching on topics such as divorce and adoption. As concerns have grown over childhood obesity, it was decided Cookie Monster should be shown eating a more diverse diet.
In 2006, the show began airing segments entitled Healthy Habits for Life, where he and other puppets talk about healthy eating habits. A rumor spread that Cookie Monster was becoming “Veggie Monster”, who would be foregoing his favorite snack for a healthier diet.
However, this is false. Cookie Monster will remain as he is, a fervent food lover but with a more diverse palate. He has since been brought onto shows like Martha Stewart’s and The Colbert Report to explain that “cookies are a sometimes food.” But he ate a cookie on air to prove he had not abandoned “the pro-cookie agenda”!
Some serious fans are unhappy with his character change, despite the good intentions behind it. Does it bother you?
Listen to his rap about eating healthy:


  1. who in their right mind would change cookie monster to the veggie monster? veggies are what i call stupid people at school. hold on don't tell the principal i said stupid. its banned. seriously. whats going on here!??

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