QUEENS, NY – Harry Houdini died 83 years ago on Halloween, but controversy continues to rage over the dark supernatural secrets he took to the grave!
The magician, escape artist and medium is believed by many to have possessed powers and secrets beyond the realm of normal human understanding.
And it was Houdini who intimated to friends and colleagues on his deathbed that his most important, and perhaps dangerous, secrets were buried along with him in a concealed compartment at his grave site.
Rumors of the compartment have sparked hundreds of magicians, Houdini admirers and even university professors to try to decipher a series of cryptic clues that Houdini said would lead to the mysterious compartment.
But they have all failed. Now many believe the compartment won’t be found until Houdini makes good on his promise to reach out from beyond the grave – and point the way to it himself.
These same people believe Houdini had supernatural powers. They say his amazing escapes from chains, handcuffs, ropes, bags and even bank safes were beyond the abilities of any ordinary man.
Before Houdini died, he vowed he would escape the bonds of death and return to Earth. Every October as the anniversary of his death approaches, his legion of fans prepares for his return. For decades they have been disappointed but they still believe he will one day make the ultimate escape from the afterlife.
And when that day comes, they say, the Great Houdini will unveil his long-lost compartment, unlocking mysteries that thousands of people have sought for decades.

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  1. What makes them think he will return on the anniversary of his death? What makes them think he won't return on his birthday?


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