SEATTLE, WA – Police have been chasing an 18 year old fugitive they’ve nicknamed “The Barefoot Burglar.”
Colton Harris Moore is believed to have been stealing small planes and island-hopping off the coast of Washington!
The modern day Jesse James has since developed a following, with even a Facebook fan club that  2,800 members. Their mantra? “Fly Colton, Fly!”
His troubles started at the tender age of 12, when “Colt” was first arrested for burglary after breaking into a local school. He was arrested another eight times before the age of 15.
After dropping out of high school, police say he spent his free time burglarizing unoccupied homes on Camano Island, a vacation community.  Police gave him the nickname “Barefoot Burglar” due to his tendency to steal while shoeless.
Despite finally being arrested in 2007, he left a juvenile halfway house a year later and hasn’t been caught.
Colt seems to have emerged again, this time burglarizing on other islands. After two separate planes were stolen and crashed, police believe they have discovered his new method of transport. It is theorized that Colt taught himself basic flying skills by reading flight manuals and using simulators.
His mother, Pam Kohler, is not so convinced. “Any time anything is stolen, they blame it on Colt. Let’s say you’re the smartest person in the world. Wouldn’t you need a little bit of training in flying a plane? They’re not easy.”
However, she said, “I hope to hell he stole those airplanes- I would be so proud. But put in there that I want him to wear a parachute next time.”

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10 thoughts on “COLTON HARRIS MOORE”

  1. Seattle has harbored oddities like this young gentlemen since the beginning of time…or at least back to the days of DB Cooper

  2. As the American police that claims to be competent, let a guy so new, it is far behind? I think they should learn a lot from the Brazilians. With rogues Brazilians.

  3. … let me get this … Mom's proud because her little darling has taught himself to fly. That's understandable but I have serious reservations about the standards she instilled in him.
    Thanks Mom for raising such a fine member of our community. NOT


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