NEW YORK, NY – A Lego fan and artist has built a cello completely out of Lego bricks, and it even plays!
Nathan Sawaya is a New York City-based artist who specializes in creating large works entirely out of Legos. He rediscovered his love for the childhood toy after college, and began a career building strange things with the blocks, including a giant pencil, the Statue of Liberty with a lightsaber and even Mount Rushmore!
lego_cello2 lego_cello3
Now, Sawaya has taken his craft one step further, by not only creating a life-sized cello, but one that will play, although it does sound different.
Check out the video below of him building it:

10 thoughts on “LEGO CELLO”

  1. what a stupid use of legos, it would have been cheaper to buy a real one and sorry this isn't even close to art. i would applaud if he mooshed around some dogshit and made it look like something (not really but it would be entertaining to see this idiot wasting his time over dogshit)

    • ….stupid use of Legos or not, he's getting paid big bucks for his so-called idiocy, can you say the same? Art comes in many guises, you probably don't know what art is even if it bit you in the ass.

  2. Wow I cant look at who is creating all these crazy posts. Your blog is quality and it attracts a lot of amounts of these types of people. all the best and continue for the work!


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