NEW YORK, NY – Paul Karason appeared on The Today Show this morning to talk about how he turned his skin blue!
Paul Karason looked like your everyday man up until about a decade ago, when he began treating himself with silver. A bad case of dermatitis had broken out on his face due to stress, so he administered colloidal silver into his skin using electrolysis.
Colloidal silver was used for antibacterial purposes before penicillin became widespread. It has been banned by the FDA since 1999; at the time, Karason was able to produce it himself, but it has now become too expensive for him to reproduce.
The reason for its banning? Patients develop argyria, which is the permanent collection of silver under the skin. Karason is blue for the rest of his life!
He is not the only person to have self-inflicted this condition. Stan Jones, a Libertarian who ran for Montana’s Senate seat, developed the same problem after consuming home-made silver for fear that the expected Y2K problems would lead to a shortage in antibiotics. Jones is happy with his health and continues to promote colloidal silver for its medicinal properties.
Karason himself is also in good medical condition, with no build-up of the silver any of his organs. He says he is at peace with the permanent hue of his skin, and doesn’t mind when people approach him with questions.
Check out his interview below:

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