Talk about “odd” jobs! Cat casher, slubber, doffer and chick sexer… are all occupations recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor.
And many of these weird names for jobs actually describe occupations that are totally different from what you’d expect.
A belly builder, for example, has nothing to do with fitness. It’s a person who constructs the back panels of pianos.
A revival clerk has nothing to do with religious meetings. It is someone who checks on lapsed insurance policies to determine if they should be reinstated.
And a cat chaser actually directs the placement of logs delivered by tractor.
Here are more bizarre job titles from the Labor Department’s occupational dictionary:
10. Puffer: Laundry worker who slides material back and forth over a heated metal form to smooth and press portions of garments.
9. Spudder: Cuts knots and diseased or decayed portions from logs.
8. Brim buster: Tends to a machine that presses unfinished hat bodies to shape hats.
7. Frog shaker: Shakes cured tobacco to separate, clean and straighten the leaves and to expose them to air.
6. Gasser: Operates a machine that singes loose fibers from thread.
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