MALAWI – Madonna’s adoption hearing in Malawi was held behind closed-doors today, further fueling rumors that she is after an alien child!

Pop singer Madonna has two children from previous relationships, but also adopted a son from Malawi in 2006. She has since released a documentary on the plight of children orphaned due to the AIDS crisis.

However, actress Angelina Jolie has received far more publicity for her three adopted children and humanitarian work, and Madonna has taken it personally. In order to one-up Jolie, Madonna is going off-planet for her next child!

Anonymous sources have reported that the singer went back to Malawi to smokescreen the press. Although she is meeting with Malawian adoption officials, the process is actually for a young alien child that was found in the Great Rift Valley. In exchange for officials giving her the child, Madonna has promised to donate thousands of bottles of Kabbalah water to remote villages.

It is rumored that Madonna will keep the alien child away from paparazzi until they pose together for the June 2009 cover of Vanity Fair’s diversity issue.

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  1. this news paper is so ridiculas ive looked at it for years but there is better photo shop out now and your pictures still look retarted


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