LOS ANGELES, CA – Teen idol Miley Cyrus’ autobiography, “Miles to Go”, hit shelves this week. Weekly World News has received unedited excerpts of Miley’s writing!

Some have noted the irony of a 16 yeard old already writing their life story, but fans are chomping at the bit to read it. Now Weekly World News was slipped excerpts of Miley’s crayon scrawls, before the ghost writer prepared the book for final release. Take a look:

chapter 2: make it work!

kids are so mean sometimes. when i was 9, these girls at school would sing ‘achy breaky heart’ while dunking my head in a toilet. whatever, they were just jealous their dads weren’t awesome singers like my dad. if you’re being bullied at school, just get through it. some day you could be as popular and well respected as me!

chapter 7: i am cinderella!

i was sure prince charming was the one. i won’t give his real name, but it started with ‘nick’ and ended with ‘jonas’. the first time we met he was like, ‘wassup?’ and i was like, ‘omgyouaresocuteshutup!’ it was love at first sight, guys! it started to rain and we didn’t have an umbrella, so he covered his head with his jacket. he said if he hadn’t just gotten a perm he would have given it to me. i knew i was in love!!

chapter 9: riding the scandal train to shame town!

oh geez, what a bunch of hoopla over nothing. i take one classy photo for vanity fair and everyone like totally freaked out! i had a sheet on, it’s not like i jessica biel-ed it [see exhibit a!]:


or hilary duff-ed it   [see exhibit b!]


it was just my back, dudes. get over it!

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  1. A 16 year old writing an autobiography?!..how silly is that? It's like a 16 year old writing an autobiography…In my opinion, nobody has anything substantial to write about life, unitil at least 35yrs! The adults around her are setting her up for failure.

  2. are you serious? its not that big of a deal that she wrote a autobiography, its amazing, you should be saying omg this girl is only 16 and look how much shes done in her life already!! She has alot to write about , more than the average person writing an autobiography, i am 16, and i am thrilled to read about her life so far and compare it to mine. At 16, there could be alot to your life then everyone else may think, and i know exactly how that is.

    • Learn how to write correctly. I can't take you seriously if you misuse commas, use text talk, and refuse to capitalize.

  3. I'm sorry, but maybe when she's been to school for more than 3 hours, then she can write an autobiography. Bottom line, you need to know how to WRITE to WRITE a book. Also, I am seventeen, and I'm slightly offended to hear that she's accomplished "so much". She's a performer. Nothing more. And she's not even a very good one. I'm guessing in about 25 (+/- 5 years) nobody will remember her or her music. She's no Michael Jackson. Also, I read those excerpts, and if the whole book is like that, I would rather eat my own foot than read the entire thing. She uses "like" and abbreviations remeniscent of text-talk in her writing, making it disgustingly unproffessional. And don't even get me started on the subject matter. I'm seventeen, and I could write a much more interesting autobiography than that, even if I'm not a superdisneystar. Miley, stick to what you're trained in.

    • So read Nikki Sixx's Heroin diaries: A year in the life of a shattered rock star…that's a GOOD diary…she's just doing it for the money, and "Idon'tappreciatethis" made the perfect post, everything in there is right.

  4. hey miley, you rock!
    i love you, you are the best pop star in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i would love for you to see me one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am looking forward to going to one of your hannah montanna concerts!

    from your biggest fan andrea marecsa

  5. don't know what to say
    i am ai guy but still like that smiley girl !!
    hope i was her in hercountry to get to know her personally
    i think it will work great as a friends

  6. okay, these chapters weren't even in the book :S
    especially chapter '7'. she doesn't mention nick jonas.
    she just refers to him as 'prince charming'.
    doesn't say who she's on about.

    and I'm pretty sure chapter 9 and 2 weren't even in there too.
    just because she was 16 when she wrote this doesn't mean she was stupid.
    if you watched her in interviews or 'behind the scenes' or you're a true fan
    you'd know she wouldn't write like that.

    and all you haters are simply just jealous that she's accomplished a heck of a lot in just 16 years than you ever will in your lifetime. [:

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