Sources close to Taylor Swift say the pop superstar is pregnant.  Harry Styles is rumored to be the father.
The Swift Camp is denying this report, saying it is just a wild rumor.  But WWN has spoken to doctors close to Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles and they have confirmed Taylor Swift was examined by an OB/GYN in the hospital and that Taylor is, in fact, pregnant. “Definitely, Ms. Swift is with baby.  Taylor will have her baby about the same time Princess Kate has hers,” said a resident at the hospital.


A source close to the drummer in Taylor Swift’s band said that Taylor wasn’t sure if it Conor Kennedy was the baby daddy or if it was One Direction’s Harry Styles.   “There are about two dozen other men, boys, and roadies that could be the father,” according to the head of a One Direction fan club.
WWN, however, can confirm that sources close to One Direction are claiming that Harry is the father.  “Harry is already telling our pals in London that he has ‘super-sperm’ and is very proud that he was able to  get Taylor pregnant so quickly,” said a One Direction hair stylist.  “Harold is thrilled.”
Various members of The Wanted are trying to get Lindsay Lohan pregnant – just so they can keep up with One Direction and superman Styles.  “The Wanted will never catch up to 1D,” said a One Direction fan.  “They suck at everything.”
Taylor’s baby bump may look like this:


Harry and Taylor were even “practicing” being parents in New York last week with a friend’s baby:


They have already hired a friend (a father himself) to help take care of the baby after it’s born:


Though some continue to deny the truth, others are convinced the “Haylor” pregnancy is true because Taylor Swift has seemed VERY happy recently.


 John Mayer is extremely upset that he is not the father of baby Swift.  He is reportedly already writing a song about the baby – and has expressed to her staff (and family) that he wants to be the stepfather to Baby Tay Tay.  “John figures that Harry will dump Taylor and then he’ll step in and save the day,” said a source close to a friend of Mayer.  “John thinks he’ll be a better father than Harry.”

WWN congratulates Taylor Swift!  Rock on, baby…


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