CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – Photos from International Space Station reveal undeniable evidence that Michael is not dead – he’s living on the moon!

Last week, crew members aboard the space station radioed Mission Control after they spotted what they described as a “strange, effeminate man-child in a sequin jacket” doing leg kicks on the surface of the moon.

“They wanted to know if they could take pictures of thing,” said NASA engineer Mark Mallowry. “We thought it was probably just some space dust, so we told them to take as many pictures as they wanted.”

But when the photos arrived at NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas, Mallowry and his colleagues were shocked at what they saw.

“I could not believe what I was looking at,” Mallowry said. “There, right in front of my eyes, was Michael Jackson! On the surface of the moon!”

The photos depict an aged Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk outside of a lunar space module. Also visible in the photograph is Michael’s chimpanzee friend, Bubbles.

“This is a mind-blowing discovery,” said Mark Housman, Director of NASA’s Lunar Imaging Department. “I had a hunch that Michael Jackson wasn’t really dead, and it makes sense that he’s living on the moon. He was just too weird for this planet.”

This startling evidence refutes claims long-held views that the King of Pop died of a drug overdose in 2009, or that he is living on a secluded island with Elvis, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls.

Some of Michael’s friends and family were overjoyed upon hearing the news.

“I knew the MJ wasn’t dead,” said Chris Tucker, an actor and lifelong friend of Michael Jackson. “It makes me so happy knowing that my best buddy is up there on the moon, just doing what he does best where no one can bother him.”

Others were convinced that the pictures were hoax, released by NASA as a promotional stunt for Jackson’s latest album, Michael, which was produced and edited by Quincy Jones.

But Jones was quick to defend himself against the accusations.

“Michael and I have been working on this album for a long time,” said Jones in a phone interview. “He would send me tracks from his house on the moon, and I would edit them here on earth.”

“And believe me,” he added. “I am not making this up. After all, this is Michael Jackson we’re talking about – he’s done much, much weirder.”

[Photos by BOY MACK]

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  1. This is It, this was it, and that is that! LMBO! Hoax, hoax, hoax, publicity. Sure it was a closed-casket funeral, but it was very highly emotional for the family as well for the fans. Katherine Jackson was just on Oprah describing the pain that she was in after learning of her son's death, and the entire Jackson family is convinced that Dr. Conrad Murray is a murderer. Let the King of Pop rest in peace! Michael would actually decrease his fan base by pulling a stunt like this and we all know Michael loved his fans dearly.

  2. If Michael Jackson in living on the moon then I'm a spotted elephant with pink nose hairs. -.- Come on people, we can't live on the moon without the gear we need! There is no air up there. Its been proven. Michael Jackson can't live up there like we do today ,here on earth. Its simple science. It will never happen without the helmets and what-not. This is obviously a hoax. Anyone can use photoshop to cut in a picture of Michael Jackson. For his manager stating that he gets tapes from him, he is obviously in the hoax, or just crazy.

    People, please be practical. If your going to lie- then get a better one.

    • You don't have any sense of humor, I take it.

      Also, is there even valid proof we can't live on the moon? We can't trust NASA about everything they say. Hopefully you'll be the test subject to actually validate that proof, since nobody cares whatever happens to you.

  3. Gotta love it though. I think I saw one of those elephants yesterday at the mall; Elvis was riding on it.. That's why I enjoy the WWN.

  4. Michael Jackson is alive everywhere, Graceland,The Moon, Neverland,Narnia, etc.
    He will always be remembered by his millions of fans in various ways,
    Through that he will be "Alive" everywhere anyone can imagine his presence.


  5. Michael was with Elvis and Chopin ; according to Larry King who asked ''how you all doin?''
    Elvis answered ''we're all decomposing''

  6. Thank you, Weekly World News, for continuing to bring the REAL news to us in it's unvarnished form. I hope you never lose sight of your mission! BTW: I am pretty sure I saw Bat Boy in my backyard last night, eating a cat or a raccoon or something. He had a Sarah Palin teeshirt on — I don't know if he was promoting her or if he'd just taken it from a vendor in DC. — but he looked as vigorous as ever. Man, those are some sharp teeth!

  7. Sure it was a hoax! My god, i still dont get it why people easily believe in stuff like this.like that justin bieber controversy saying justin is a 51 year old man. That was some sh*( i will never believe! Look at facts guys! Hell,im an mj fan and it hurts my feelings to kn0w my idol was already dead though he’s alive in my heart..i still dont believe this. He’s happy in heaven lets not bother him with this thing. RIP MICHAEL.

  8. lol last night nasa saw something in the air flying 20000miles per hour it have 2 legs 2 arms and one head and it was me. so believe it i can fly ..lol u guys r just kids.. and plz let dead people alone let them rest in peace…

  9. THIS AIN'T TRUE! IF michael jackson is spotted on the moon he should be dead in there because there is no air nor gravity!! The news are here are all for stupid people who just believe in this stuff

  10. Maybe this photo is edited….guys the modern technology and gadgets…?!? GUYS JUST RESPECT MJ's DEATH FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!!!

  11. There has been plenty of GREAT lies by great states in history.This must be the last lie of 2010.
    Don't say next day that someone has seen him in california desert.

    • Brahim, you are so clever, of course not even your baby will believe it.As you have said in your FB another american pie,lmao.

  12. Wow! MJ is alive indeed… can someone sponsor me to travel to the moon? so MJ and I can meet face to face, have dinner with him, have children with him, build a home in the moon.

    What a dream that will be!

  13. ahahaah 😀

    this is soooooooo nice.
    think i'd better go to the moon and live with MJ.
    we will build our family there and will live happily ever after.

    LOL >>=D

    ** WWN really makes my day **
    HAHAHA… just keep on lying ! 😀

  14. Mj is able to survive on the moon because of all the alterations he made to his body over the years. People this was always his end goal ever since he first moonwalked, he gave us that clue. His skin is as tough as a space suit, the nose was built for moon breathing that is why it always fell off on earth ( it was a gravitational issue with the synthetic nano skin of which it was made ). I never thought i would actually get to see pictures of him living out his dream. Thank you wwn for once again being the only reliable source of news 😉

  15. Michael jackson is dead and is in hell for rejecting Jesus christ as his personal lord and saviour. Accept Jesus christ as your lord and personal saviour. Hell is real.


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