HAITI – The earthquake-torn country got a pleasant visit from Shakira who has some big plans in the works!
Colombian pop star Shakira met with children living in makeshift camps on Sunday. Thanks to the earthquake in January, more than 200,000 people were killed and over one million were left homeless. Shakira met survivors on a Haitian golf course turned into a makeshift camp for over 50,000 quake survivors.
Shakira was welcomed by Hollywood star Sean Penn, whose work in Haiti has been well documented. Both have taken on the challenge of helping the country get back on its feet and have urged individuals to get involved.
Shakira’s charity, Barefoot, is searching for suitable land to build a school for needy children. Her foundation provides nutrition to more than 6,000 children in Colombia, and she is also a member of the ALAS foundation that advocates for children across Latin America.
Watch Shakira speak about Haiti below.

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