WEST VIRGINIA – Bat Boy is still on the loose and U.S. officials are losing patience. They’ve called in the big guns to help!
America’s favorite mutant continues to elude and evade F.B.I.’s and other U.S. officials attempts to capture him. When they think they have him backed into a corner, Bat Boy takes off in a Mini Cooper and leads authorities on multiple state car chase. State budgets are being exhausted on headache medicine and stakeout essentials such as coffee and donuts. In an effort to level the playing field, the Japanese have been brought into the hunt.
For years, the Japanese have been fascinated with Bat Boy and have been clamoring to help. Americans have finally been able to put their stubbornness aside and requested the Japanese’s help. Our Asian friends have had an ace up their sleeve the whole time and have sent over their top operative, special officer Arashi Yuko.
Yuko is one of Japan’s most decorated officers and is only called in to assist in high priority cases. She’s highly trained in the martial arts, negotiation skills and in matters dealing with mutants. The Japanese have a great deal of confidence in Yuko and her abilities to resolve the matter.
“I fear American sushi more. It bears no resemblance to what we eat in Japan,” Yuko replied to being asked if she feared Bat Boy.
“I’ve found myself infatuated with Bat Boy and his abilities to elude the less than stellar efforts to capture him. This is truly a career defining role. My superior ability and expertise should be Bat Boy’s undoing,” Yuko added about her new mission.
There seems to be a renewed sense of energy and confidence among American officials. A collective sigh of relief has been released and Bat Boy may be facing his last few days of freedom.

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  1. I hope they catch that little bugger and hang him up by his ears. He's given my family nothing but trouble for years. Dad nearly got him 3 times.
    Jacob I.
    Left Fork, WV

  2. Tell her I thought I saw Bat Boy near Mattoon, Illinois. I think he was looking for the Mad Gasser of Mattoon.


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