MIAMI, FL – Tiger Woods was finally caught redhanded!
Golf superstar Tiger Woods issued an apology on his official website to his family, stating, “I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behaviour my family deserves.”
It became clear that the statement was issued due in part to an emerging incriminating voicemail. In it, a man who sounds identical to Woods pleads with one of his alleged mistresses to change her outgoing voicemail message, as Woods’ wife has discovered her phone number!
Listen below and decide for yourself if it’s real:

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  1. For those who say, just leave him alone, it sounds like it was a little more than a domestic dispute. That is why the police are involved. I just hope that this will be a one time event that will fade into the public memory.

  2. I certainly can't speak with regard to someone else, but I think all of the press that this saga is receiving is ridiculous. Tiger cheated on his wife, certainly not the game of golf. Really the only people he should have to please is going to be his family members in addition to sponsors. It is actually crystal clear why he still ought to say i'm sorry and then try to make amends with Elin. His sponsors have spent a lot of money marketing the guy. Aside from that, this is a private family issue and he really should be permitted to handle this behind closed doors. People quite frankly doesn't have the right to learn every last tiny aspect concerning everyones everyday living, despite your public figure status.

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