1. Whats most disturbing about this picture? The golf club she's holding is the USKids Brand!!! Has anyone not noticed this? I would guess, if you the creators of this photo havn't heard already, USKids corp. will have pleanty to say about this. It's bad enough our kids have to hear about all of this, and the fact that so many jr. golfers looked up to him. But lets not add insult to injury. USKids is a wonderful organization and they should NOT be represented in this photo and it's negetive suggestions of Elin using that club to do harm.

    • Seriously, are you refering to me? Let's hope not, as the true moron is anyone who thinks one is, just because I commented about the USKids organization! You have NO clue, if that's the case. If not, sorry, and I hope you meant "tiger" is a moron!

  2. I can just see it at his first tourney back. He's on the tee blocks, the crowd hushes, he just starts his backswing, and someone in the crowd yells "Is that the club she smoked you with?!!"

  3. He looks better this way. Hope he can never play golf again and his mini-ME rots off. May his golf balls shrink to the size of roasted peanuts. Narcissist, sex addict and liar to all of us, not just his wife and children. Maybe he'll go for a big Christmas swim tonight and never come back. Wouldn't hurt my feelings. He makes me hate men.


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