LOS ANGELES, CA – Octomom Nadya Suleman and Jon Gosselin have agreed to be in a reality show where they would date each other.
Details of the show are still up in the air, but representatives for Nadya Suleman have confirmed that she has a massive crush on Gosselin and has agreed to date him on a reality show.  Representatives for Jon Gosselin confirm that he really needs the money and isn’t doing anything else right now.
A name for the show had yet to be decided.  Alternatives being considered are Jon plus Octomom, Big Family Big Love, The Gosselin-Suleman Bunch,  Womb Raiders,  Baby Wranglers or Just the 24 of Us.
The show will focus on the hardships and zany adventures of two parents trying to date when they have 22 children.  Scripts that are being worked on include a day at the park, a trip to Disneyworld, a romantic night in, and trying to figure out if they left a child at the mall.  The episodes will be based on a ranch the families will live at for the series.
Producers agree that a fun game could include both parents on ATVs trying to corrall their children back into the house for dinner.  Jon has even said he would consider not dating girls in their early 20’s during the filming.
The show will be produced by the people who created Cheaters, and will be sponsored by Ed Hardy, Red Bull, and Trojan condoms.

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