CHICAGO, IL – A 51-year-old chunk of hair taken from Elvis’ haircut when he entered the Army is going up for auction this week.
The hair was picked up and kept by “a friend” who has held on to it ever since.  Only because of the economic crisis has he been forced to part with his beloved chunk of hair.
Similar items from Elvis’ life, collected by friends family and fans, will be available for auction.
A toothbrush once used by Elvis while he was on tour will be available for auction.  According to descriptions, the brush was used in the early part of his career while he was still doing small tours.  The brush is small, green, and basic with a rubber bit at the end, and was purchased purchased by Elvis specifically for the tour.
It has been kept by a resolute fan, who broke into Presley’s hotel room while he was sleeping, to grab whatever mementos she could. The Alabama woman wishes to remain anonymous, but it has been noted she walks with a limp from when Elvis threw a lamp at her as she jumped out his window
Ten years worth of fingernail clippings, collected by his maid during the 60’s, will be available at auction.  The clippings have been kept in a glass jar, hermetically sealed, and locked in a safety deposit box of a Swiss bank.
An undershirt worn by The King in a 1970 performance will also be available for sale.  The shirt has not been laundered since Elvis soaked it with sweat under the bright Las Vegas lights.  The shirt is said to turn anyone who wears it into a rock star.  Matchbox 20 is believed to only exist due to brief contact with the shirt.  In the nearly 40 years since it was worn by Elvis the shirt his believed to be at the center of a dozen mysterious deaths, 4 missing people, and 8 top 20 hits.

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