LONDON – An unsuspecting musician spotted mysterious lights in the night sky, and grabbed his cell phone to record it.

While many videos are often easily debunked, note these key details:

– The window is clearly open, meaning the lights are not a reflection on glass

– The video shows the lights leaving, while most faked videos do not show this as it is difficult to replicate

– The lights seem to move independently of each other, which would be more difficult to fake with a reflection or some kind of lighting apparatus

Take a look for yourself:


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  1. It's not only a hoax, that same video ran previously by another YouTuber. This time however the YouTuber danrabit removed the comments thus far that have stated such. If I trip over that same video I'll post it.

  2. Go back to sleep you see nothing……
    Okay Bugs look at the map again this time take that left turn at Albuquerque and then we may find Kazakhstan.

  3. Too shaky to tell, the best ones are never filmed. About 30 years ago, in the mountains just outside San Diego, friends and I were camping under the stars, and as we lay there looking up at them, 6 'stars' started to move in various formations which included a circle, a triangle, a rectangle, and an 'X' shape. We were certain they were UFOs because we timed a sattelite (which looked like a star itself), it took a full minute to cross from horizon to horizon, then a 747 which took about 3 minutes from horizon to horizon, but these things were moving from horizon to horizon within 10 or less SECONDS – you tell ME what kind of fly-boy stuff we had in 1979 that could do THAT!?!

  4. The only other time was when another friend and I were, again, up in the mountains above San Diego, near Julian, but this time it was 1987, he parked the car in a rest stop that had a lot of very tall pines that ranged from 40-150 ft. and we were just sitting there talking and looking at the full moon. All of a sudden a high wind whipped up bowing some of the pines almost to the ground, it looked like the moon was landing!! I happened to glimpse the time on his dashboard clock, it said 7:30 pm, but when I looked again it said 8:30 pm!! But it didn't feel as though we'd lost any time!! We high tailed it out of there and never looked back. Never did find out what that was and still wonder to this day, if anyone has an idea (and no, it couldn't have been a helicopter as there wasn't enough room for a heli's blades in the opening of the circle of pines) – let me know!

  5. Last but not least, when camping, again, above San Diego in the Green Valley Falls area, a couple friends and I went hiking off the beaten path, we had a local map of the area and thought it would just be fun to explore a little before firing up the old BBQ, well we reached a summit not 2 miles from our site, and you know what? There was a 'facility' there, not shown on the map, it looked like rusted out, run down bungalows with a chain link fence w/barbed wire on top, there was a hole in the fence and we went through. We'd almost made it to the 1st bungalow where one of the big bay doors was ajar, then, seemingly from nowhere some guys dressed in fatigues came running at us carrying automatic weapons and yelling that either we leave 'the restricted area' or be shot! What the heck was in that 'facility'? We never did find out and the rangers even denied its existence and wouldn't return to the spot with us for us to prove it. Weird!!!

  6. This is definitely real!! You can see it quite often if you go to West London at night there are all sorts of UFOs all the time, with lights moving in the sky, going up and down, circling the city!!! It's like Alien Central out there. It's near a suburb called Heathrow. You can even hear the aliens going overhead. The noise is incredible!!!! Awesome!!!!!

  7. my friend once saw 4 triangles like that at the same time. THATS 12 UFOS!!!
    afterwards shooting stars would appear. (likley distraction)
    she saw this at least 5 or 6 times. it's not an epidemic or a coincidence.
    the ailens are simply trying to make friends but cant when people freak out everytime they see them.

  8. i do think that theyre ufos but the parts where the lights were like 'moving around' is just his laggy phone and his shaky hands but when the lights suddenly disappeared, it just cant be fake

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