BANGKOK – The largest stingray ever caught was recorded and released back into the wild. But was it of this earth?

A British man visiting Thailand to help with a stingray tagging program was nearly pulled overboard. Ian Welch just happened to catch the largest freshwater fish ever landed, a 770-pound stingray! The ray was seven feet wide by seven feet long, with a monstrous ten-foot stinger.


It required 13 men in total to finally get the stingray onto the boat for inspection. After tagging and recording the ray, which was actually pregnant, it was released back into the water.

However, their records may be uselss. Weekly World News editors have noticed a distinct resemblance to the aliens featured in the widely-acclaimed documentary The Abyss, filmed by James Cameron. Did Welch make an even more important discovery? Are these aliens coming closer to shore?



  1. most stingray species ARE freshwater… and theyre strong! it can take hours to catch one.. these are in rivers in thailand. smaller ones can be found in south america and other tropical regions around the world. dont leave comments on stuff like this if you arent a fish person, it makes you look stupid haha

  2. there one of the largest stingrays and its not an alien it can grow to about 5 meters long and can weigh up to 990 lbs..THES STING RAY IS FRESH WATER.if you see one don't kill it it could be indangered..THE PEOPLE WHO CECH THEM LET THEM GO.

  3. of course they live in fresh water, there bodys are designed to dig into deep silt thats why there so rare because no one can drag them off the bottom, watch River Monsters theres a whole episode on fresh water giant rays. 🙂

    • i have a nat. geo film of a 4200 lb sting ray caught. they say on film it is the bigest ever. they have it hang beside a vw bug. if you want to see film look me up. smitty

  4. whoa thats big i caught a stingray preety dang big last year when i was 8 when i got it in everyone there circled me i felt like i was famous it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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