Over a year has passed since the mass sighting of UFOs above San Diego, and an explanation has never been provided.

A group of nine lights in the sky was seen by numerous San Diego citizens on January 1, 2008. One witness was able to even videotape the event, to dispel any non-believers.


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14 thoughts on “SAN DIEGO UFO SIGHTING”

  1. It's those mini hot air balloons made out of paper, again… C'mon people, once is o.k. and twice is pretty bad but every time someone sends one up you all freak out. It's getting embarrassing.

  2. I was outside just before 7pm and saw the lights, too. There was a large tree in my way, but I could observe the moving lights for about 30 seconds. From my vantage point, the lights appeared to be meteors with brilliant tails headed toward earth. This was interesting to watch, but not necessarily front page news. However, when the lights stopped, then changed direction, I was definitely baffled. I was certain that many others had probably seen the spectacle.

  3. Just after mid-night my boyfriend called me out of the house on new years eve in 2010. He had been smoking a cigarette when he saw 3 redish lights hoovering in the sky. They were in a upside down triangle position and than the bottom light dropped down and went west of the others. Thats when i realiazed that it wasnt a aircraft or anything military that I have every seen. They were silent and moved very quick and efficient. I quickly went inside to get my camera and took two photos one with flash and another without. Neither picture showed up. but just as i finished the two upper lights moved away into the sky and dissappered into the sky and the other spiraled and than too dissappeared into the sky. Right after seeing this my boyfriend got on-line and looked up san diego ufos and saw that this sighting is common in san diego and the last one was on the 4th of july….. how crazy is that!?

  4. hello! i have a picture of what looks like a indian person in my liveing room with the head of a deer on top his head. but it is not from our world!my living room you see tread mill as you look beter and close you see indian?it out line in white lines! can any one give any information on this.

  5. I saw a spherical red object pass directly (100 feet or so,) over my house. Being a sphere, it was hard to gauge size, but I would guess that it was aprox. 15 feet in diameter or so. It was not omitting light, but moved in a very smooth silent straight line over our house. It was too close to the ground to follow after it went over our heads. This was right around the timeframe of these incidents. Not saying they are little green men by any means, just a craft powered by a non-aerodynamic propulsion system. I've heard rumors from peeps in the military that such crafts have existed and been used as far back as the 1st gulf war by the military for intelligence purposes. Much more plausible explanation given our military surroundings. I'm not a kook and am not making this up.. I hope that people will be more open minded about things that we don't yet understand. If this IS new tech, it will be transformative to say the least should it ever get into the publics hands. We might be excited instead of suspicious of these kinds of sightings as they're FAR more likely to be a hint of our technological future than visits from another race…. 😉

  6. i saw a small ufo near linda vista today on my way back from the beach. i was just getting onto the 8 east where it begins in ocean beach and looking ahead i could see a grey craft with an electric blue light flying around about a half mile west of the dome structures of the University of San Diego. it caught my eye because it was an attractive blue color, it didnt blink or flash like a normal aircraft would, it was triangular and it looked to be the size of a car. and what led me almost automatically identify it as something not manmade was that it had the manueverabilty of a bird of prey. there is no way any helicopter could move like that. it was circling around kind of like a hawk but a somewhat fast pace in about half mile radius for almost 5 minutes. i tried to follow it but by the time i got near where it had been flying over it started travelling north parallel to the 5 freeway too fast for me to keep up.

  7. i have NO doubt in my mind that it was not a manmade aircraft and it was definitely no bird either. ive been searching through san diego news and ufo sights wondering if anyone else has seen something similar.
    it looked like the size of a car and its shape was like a blunt triangle.
    its non-blinking non-flashing electric blue light was unmistakable. it wasnt extremely bright or anything but very attractive.

  8. Saw a UFO over OB/Point Loma last week during the blackout. It was at 11pm. It was orange and radiated light almost like a campfire would. It was moving too fast to be a Chinese baloon. I watched it for several minutes as it moved from over Ocean Beach towards Point Loma. It was flying the same path as the planes use when they come in to land at Lindburg Field. As it got to about the border of OB and Point Loma it stopped and hovered for a while. Then it climbed altitude, made some subtle turns and faded out as if going behind clouds but there were no clouds.

    I've always been a skeptic and considered that it was probably a Chinese celebration baloon after I learned of them. However, after more study, I know that it was going way too fast to be a baloon. It seemed to be moving at helicopter speed or faster. What was weird is that when it flew in a straight line it seemed to wobble at little like a baloon would. However, what baloon flies at the speed of a helicopter, then stops for a while, then changes direction and altitude. Mysterious…


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