NEW YORK, NY – Fox News Channel is considering a radical replacement for Alan Colmes’ departure.

After his recent public embarrassment of endorsing the wrong presidential candidate, the Alien has been off the radar. Never before has the Alien suffered such a setback in his political know-how.

But rumor has it that Fox News is courting him to replace Alan Colmes on the popular news show “Hannity & Colmes”. Colmes played the left-wing half of the pair, who debated current affairs from liberal/conservative points of view.

While the Alien has never stated his personal politics, he has often sought the limelight in the last 28 years. His endorsements have been widely lauded across the country. But will he be man enough to take on Sean Hannity? Hannity holds no love for illegal aliens, and the Alien’s status has never been verified.

Looks like Fox News will continue courting controversy wherever they can!

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