187 cruise ship passengers have gone missing this year.  Authorities believe many have been abducted by aliens.

On the evening of April 9th this year,  Martin Quimby, 45, packed his suitcase and left it outside the door of his cabin on the Queen Mary 2.  It was the last day of a week-long  cruise and the ship was due to dock at New York City the following morning.

At about midnight, he texted his sister back home in London.  At 12.30 am, he was seen by other passengers drinking cocktails in an upper-deck bar. He then vanished.

He has not been seen since.

There have been a number of mysterious disappearances of cruise ship passengers in 2011.  Many believe that they have just fallen overboard, but cruise ship liners deny these allegations.  “We have cameras everywhere and have made it almost impossible for a passenger to accidentally fall off or even jump,” said Carnival Cruise executive Elizabeth Shoemaker.

The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials has gotten involved because Dr. Susan Begley – one of the world’s leading ufologist from Limerick, Ireland – said that these alien cruise ship abductions appear to be part of the ongoing alien invasion which began last October.

“The pattern is clear,” said Begley.   “We have interviewed a number of passengers who were believed to be missing, but were later found.  They all describe their alien abductions in detail.

Dr. Begley – and the U.N. – believe that aliens from the Planet Xicuc are the ones abducting cruise ship passengers.

But why cruise ship passengers?

“We’re not sure.  But they are out at sea and it may be easier to the alien spaceship to swoop down undetected, grab a few passengers and then disappear.”

The passengers that were abducted are not talking to the press, but Dr. Begley said that the transcripts of interviews with the abductees will be released in early 2012.  “Citizens around the world will be surprised.  The aliens do not want to harm humans. They are just doing research and actually, the abductees all feel more alive after they’ve been abducted then before.  They all had positive experiences with their abductees.”

Cruise ship liners are all denying that there were any alien abductions.  “That’s nonsense.  Our cruise ships are the safest place to go on vacation.  This malarkey about aliens is just that… malarkey,” said Captain Scott McThomas of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Well, there’s another reason to go on a cruise ship vacation… or to avoid going on one.

WWN is looking forward to the release of the transcripts and will keep our readers updated.

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  1. I hope that the government all over the world will show all the hidden evidence of the incoming alien invasion so that the people in the earth will be prepared. We don't deserve to die earlier. We can still change our planet and so that ourselves!

  2. Fantastic Article again, the people we trust to protect us lie to us about the truth. It is obvious that everyone on the planet cannot be saved from an Alien Invasion, X Military all know that so why not give us the weapons we need to put up a Good Fight like we did in Vietnam.

  3. Nothing really brings a cruise alive like an alien attack. Their party games are a little rough but I don't know if they really abduct too many people. Don't let them near the gin though, that's when they start to misbehave.

  4. A space ship over 200 miles wide will be hard to miss when it get close to earth. That is quite large and depending on how many aliens it could accomodate while traveling would give some idea of its possible intent. It could be that they plan to get all of us off the Earth before it is destroyed. You see my mind is as wierd as you can get. Pray for us all and just take what ever is coming in stride.

  5. Unless there is a specific purpose for the right reasons in the abduction, they out-there can be contacted and they may send a spy on a mission to prevent any trouble – This is the way of wise civilizations.
    Extraterrestrials can be in deep trouble with their masters at home if they do not watch their steps on other planets.

  6. My imagination says that in any event a mjor catastrophy happens on earth that will cause a massive human devastation, I see a great UFO mother-ship and loads of satelights picking up humans. How does this grab you???

    I would be careful in such info spreading; The secret service warns of people unrest – dangerous!

  7. so what? UFOs are invinsible or or has camouflaging system now? cameras can see them but i cant see them flying? I KNOW! IT MUST BE SO SMALL THAT I CANT SEE IT!


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