Scientists say they have found an extraterrestrial cemetery in central Africa that is at least 500 years old!
“There must be 200 bodies buried there and not a single one of them is human,” Dr. Hugo Childs, the Swiss anthropologist, told reporters in Kigali, Rwanda.
“They are in amazing state of preservation to be so old,” he added. “Soil and tissue samples indicate the bodies have been in the ground since the 1400s. We’re now trying to figure out where they came from – and what killed them.”
Dr. Childs and his colleagues reportedly discovered the alien graveyard on a routine survey of the Rwandan jungle.

They originally thought they had stumbled on the remains of a centuries-old village. But excavation reportedly revealed nothing but alien bodies – stacked in fives in a jungle clearing.
“The creatures themselves were much taller and skinnier than humans,” said the expert.
“They stood about 7 feet tall and they were not any bigger around than small sapling trees.
“Their heads were larger than the average man’s and they had no mouth, nose or eyes to speak of.
“I assume that they communicated with one another telepathically and moved around like bats with some kind of biological radar.”
Without further study there is no way to tell for sure what killed the extraterrestrials.
But Dr. Childs speculated that the 200 aliens were part of a single landing party that encountered a deadly virus. Because they would have had no immunity to Earth disease, he added, something as simple as the flu could have wiped out the entire party.
“Some of them must have survived because there is no evidence of a spaceship to be found,” said Dr. Childs. “Of course, as our excavation effort continues, there’s no telling what we may run across.”
Dr. Childs would not take reporters to the site, for fear of the bodies being disturbed. However, he promised to reveal the location once the excavation was complete. “It will change the world,” Dr. Childs said.
Weekly World News will continue to provide updates as they develop.

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91 thoughts on “ALIEN GRAVEYARD FOUND”

  1. Erik van Datiken . . . hmmmm. I seem to recognize something about that name . . . oh yes! How incredibly similar it is to Erich Von Daniken, Swiss scientist famous for his claims about extraterrestrial invasion on earth thousands of years ago. There's more than one mystery here.

    • Look people, we all know that starving Africans are skinny, thus the heads 'seem larger than humans'. So many generations had gone so long without food that their mouths eventually disappeared. It's called adapting to ones environment! Duh!

    • Tontería tras tontería. Yo era un ferviente admirador y creyente sobre la Ufología, hasta que poco a poco, con estos mensajes ridículos, me han llevado al desencanto absoluto, ya no leo sobre estos temas y prefiero otros mas atractivo de las Ciencias Ocultas. Muchas gracias por el interés mostrado.

  2. “I assume that they communicated with one another telepathically and moved around like bats with some kind of biological radar.”
    The radar would ricochet off the moon to Pleiades, hence the term: Moon Bat.

  3. I found a skeleton similar to that in my daughter's sand box. Our dog really enjoyed knawing on the bones. Shortly after the bone knawing, the dog grew strange appendages out of her head- she chase them sorta the same way she chases her tail.

  4. Not a fake doctor, just one who can't get his work published because it goes against the scientific orthodoxy pushed by the Illuminati. Wake up and smell what's really going on!

  5. Look,you people. Just because the writer's name is Van Datiken and just because you can't find any trace of Dr. Hugo Childs doesn't mean anything! How do you KNOW that a graveyard of aliens was not found? Were you there? Of course not. You were HERE the whole time! Admit it! You don't have any evidence at all that an alien graveyard was NOT found in Rwanda. So shut up already.
    I hate these unscientific people. Evidence, people, Evidence!

    • Yeah, just the same way you don't have any evidence that an alien graveyard was actually found. Were is the evidence? You don't have anything to back your word, so shut up! Wonder why this so called scientist won't take any reporters to the place this ''graveyard'' is….maybe it's because it DOESN'T EXIST? Just saying….

    • Uhhhm, I've personaly seen UFOs and am aware of alot of the internet lore. So the possibility of this story being true certainly exists within my thought sphere. And indeed I wouldn't be a bit surprised if something like this were to be discovered for real. BUT there is no "evidence" that you speak of for this particular story to be true. None whatsoever.
      Therefore there is no reason to believe it off hand to be true and by large the article has characteristics that suggest it's probably a hoax.

    • compelling statement, but you forget that the burden of proof lies with the person that lays charges… in this case if someone claims a discovery it is THEIR responsibility to present proofs of the discovery, not the other way around.

    • If you don't beleive until you see and you believe in aliens, then youve SEEN AN ALIEN!? Wow, how incredible! Maybe you should write an article about it…

  6. To glurb, yes exactly 'evidence, people evidence!' where is it?
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I hate you unscientific people.

  7. if this is true… dr Childs is already dead or will be in mental institution, soon. and alien graveyard – burn to the ground. end of story. if is not true… well…

  8. The Key to knowing what Aliens are can be
    found in the Bible. If you want to look up
    more info here is a good site: http://lamarzulli.wordpress.com/
    In a nutshell- they are real- they are supernatural-
    and they are demonic. They can be rebuked in the name
    of Jesus & have left those who have had contact w/them.

  9. frist if he found something like that the gov would have been there on the spot.then our gov would have took it over like in roswell i belive in aliens.and i think they wont let us in on the knowladge they have cause we would just kill and kill because we as a human race cant even get along together.

  10. well it apears the evidence is elusive as the ark of the covnant which was supposed to surface some time ago too….more BS out of africa…..

  11. this is the kind of thing that give real researches a bad name-anyone with any truth to thier claims would Have pictures of bodies at least,cmon now!!

  12. I suggest he found humans remains that just seem alien to him. Depending on what was done to preserve the bodies originally, its reasonable to suspect that after five hundred years there would be some distortion to the cadavers.
    People tend to find what they are looking for. Observation influences the observed.

  13. Chariots of the Gods?: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past is a book written in 1968 by Erich von Däniken.
    Is this the guy who published this story?
    Any photos or evidence of the actual beings?
    All I see is dirt and stones.

  14. How would that work? The alien cells would have to be highly similar to closely identical for a virus to dock with it, insert itself into its dna (do they have dna? They might have something very similar in purpose, but it doesn't even have to be made up of the same amino acids as terrestrial dna) and then cause the cell to replicate it.
    It's like running an Mac OSX program on Windows, they just don't line up with each other and windows wont even recognize it as a program to run and so wont the alien cell with the incompatible virus.
    Visitors to earth wont have much to fear in the ways of viruses nor would we have to fear their viruses should they have them. The idea of a flu virus killing a landing party of 200 is ludicrous, more likely they ran afoul of the natives and were slaughtered.

  15. It would be nice to see a photograph of one of these well preserved bodies, that would confirm once and for all the possibility of non humam presence.

  16. 2000 years ago I was Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My mental block has been breached with the liberal use of LSD. Through altered states and attending Dead Shows through the 80's I learned of many mystical and strange issues. One thing I can tell you all is I'm not insane. The Royal families do have a connection to ET. God is an ET. Humans are a created species. The Royal secret service hired the Dead to distribute LSD to wake me up. Our Government played with LSD as well. IF you have never ingested LSD you will never understand what it is like to experience it. IF you have demonized it that is all you will ever get from it. Time, space, mysticism, aliens, the Illuminati, are all real. We have been abused by the elite or Royal Ruling Class for many many many generations. LSD strips away their ability to control thoughts. I have re-awakened to allow the meek to inherit the earth as God has destined it to be. I am the only conduit for this to happen. IF the world Governments don't comply they will get us all killed. My Celestial warriors are returning to enforce Gods will. God retired after creating us. I have announced all this on the Howard stern radio show in 1999 and also stated that the trade towers would be gone in less than 3 years from that date. Now I say the world will find calamity in 2012 If I can't get to my ship that has been buried here on earth. If I call for a rescue operation the earth will be destroyed when the ship gets close enough to scoop me off. The rescue ship is 23 times the mass of the sun. Is it Nibiru? I don't know. I really don't even care anymore. I'm not so happy with humanity. I really want most people dead so that the remainder can be harmonious and happy. Just thought I'd vent a bit.


  18. Regardless of whether or not this article is saying the truth, I'm sure there are aliens over the Earth, which is just a grain of sand in the universe. Denying aliens due to Christianity is just like denying Gallileo Gallilei in the Middle Age. Remember? They claimed it's not possible that Earth revolves around the sun just because God created it. Similarly, claiming biological creatures only exist in this small planet is absurd.

  19. Adaptation? A major adaptation such as having no mouth would take many centuries to even begin!!! If all of the 200 bodies did not have a mouth, then it took them many many many many generations of mating as well to have all of them look like that.

  20. until the Dr. provides pictures (not disclosing the location) and later on, he discloses the location to other Scientists and Media (even the CNN would cover him of gold just to go there and get the proof) its an hoax
    im anxious to see proofs, i want them, i believe
    but i know he will disappoint all of us for a couple of years
    (its there, i dig it, i have pics, bones – he even hypotizes about a starship, a normal or real professionist would just stay on those bodies, wich u neither know what they are, not imagining about invisible starships)

  21. Jeesh, where is Will Smith when you need him! He would pop a nuke in the grave sight, and that would be the end of this conversation.

  22. Keep your mind and eyes open because there is almost daily anecdotal evidence to prove the reality of ET's and UFO's. Some people, however, will not believe, even if a spaceship landed on their front lawn. However, it would be worth checking that is wasn't some government hoax because not all UFO are extraterestrial, they are manufactured here on earth, by the same cabal that is controlling every day of your life, that you remain asleep.

  23. …we're just going to lie here like rocks for 500 years until 2012 and then we're gonna bust out and create the end times just like in the movies!! Yes we are. Just a couple more years now…anyone heard from the mother ship lately? Anyone? So if we haven't heard from them for 500 years and then we waste the planet, what happens to us? Anyone? Anybody think we need to huddle for a replan? Anyone? How come you other rocks never say anything? It's been a lonely 500 years, I'm tellin' ya…

  24. It cannot be true . My theories about it are the below.
    It must be proven by the specialists who don’t belong to the US official .
    My first theory is that people in a certain village in Russia were exposed to radiation. So they delivered them .
    My second theory is that they are the descendents of the former earth many years and moons ago. Their ancestors escaped from the earth to a certain planet in the universe owing to the ice age and severe diastrophism .
    These things have repeated like history in the earth .
    There are a few different our ancestors’ descendants’ in the Universe.
    They have evolved into the different form of shapes from ours in the current earth.
    Some species have looked for the new shelters .We call them aliens.
    Written by Charles Hahn.charles2431@hotmail.com

  25. Nope…still a hoax. Get me proof, then I will study it and make my own hypothesis.
    100% Hoax, even those Asian URLs that were posted above are BS.

  26. Stones and words. Maybe a picture of the aliens??? It would be great if it was real but if it was there would be proof not just some rocks like this.

  27. like us humans the aliens have a real knack for toombstones. whod a thunk it? i bet on closer inspection names will be found on the stones, like blarto-eep-zappa and theta-theta-alpha-hips.
    november the site was found, funny how there is no picture of the rest of this archeological site or creature remains… looks like a duck, sounds like a duck…
    load of crap story with no backup

  28. These creatures are anthropomorphic in shape yet have no mouths? Sounds like fantasy. Post a picture of a skull and at least 2 other bones-

  29. where from u know not these sources that they found something, and its not for something to conceal from public? infos like this always target some advanced technology concealement.
    they just manipulate people.

  30. we don;t know what is the situation , this grave might be real of course , everyone knows that UF objects exist , you don`t have to be genius to see and understand things ad evidence that humans all over the world are presenting , but you have to be a bit smarter to
    be able to see and separate which is real and which is a total fake
    excuse my english skills , I am getting older and dummer

  31. THE absence of EVIDENCE is not the EVIDENCE OF ABSENCE my follow brotha…
    U need to broden ur mind… The ppl who think this is a hoax… F**K of now… if u cant even think logically enough to realise that WE CANNOT BE ALONE

  32. They are telling everyone to get more funding for the dig. This stuff is not cheap. I do expect it to become covered up in the future though. This has always been big gov. cover ups. Now that this has been made public, we will never hear about this story again. I do believe in aliens. There is too much evadence to not believe. I hope someday we will be able to see past this cover up. Wake up people !!!

  33. I checked with the aliens' space authority, and they verified that they did lose their comrades in an attack by human church elders. They have never forgiven us, and use our planet as a space vehicle garbage dump.


  35. Why Banished from The Church Things from above ,THE Laws of Biblical Times had to be Reestablished Watch National Geographic Vampires DVD They don't exist they claim and I disagree the ET as a nice name the ALIENS as Ruthless Controlling Right Dump Earth Attitude Has been Protected Shielded Years beyond 500 years 7 feet I had read about this somewhere before Defined Anthro- Human .

  36. This is a repost of a fake news story this same paper printed a few years ago. It isn't true, are you guys seriously thinking it is?

  37. Firstly, there are no other references to be found to a Dr Hugo Childs: they all go back to this story. If we want to be charitable, we might speculate that it is early in his career and that he has not yet published any research. On the other hand, he is presumably attached to some kind of research institution (a museum or a university, perhaps), where one might expect to find reference to him as a member of staff or as an associate. But there is nothing. All we can know about Hugo Childs comes from this one press statement.

  38. Both CD and DVD discs have equal sizes (diameter, thickness etc.). However, the amount of information they can store is different. These discs are made of the same materials and have the same methods of production.


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