PARIS – Aliens interbred with our ancestors more than 8,000 years ago and their extraterrestrial features are still evident in humans today.
That’s the mind-blowing claim of anthropologist Henri Noblet, who developed a guide to identify people who bear the strongest resemblance to our alien forebearers.
“Many of us have been influenced by the alien gene pool, some more than others,” Dr. Noblet told reporters in Paris.
“In fact, there are people who are better than 60 percent alien living among us right now. Eye color, foot size, muscle tone, even the way they sleep and think, are dead giveaways to the influence of extraterrestrial ancestry.
“It is a simple matter to identify these people when you know what features to look for.”
Noblet’s report has been suprisingly well received by most of the human-development scientists around the world.
German archaeologist Dr. Richard Graff said there is plenty of evidence to support the French anthropologist’s claims.
“There is little doubt the human mind has changed dramatically in the past 8,000 years,” said the expert.
“We also know that the very appearance of humans became much more refined at the same time. Natural evolution is too slow to have caused such sudden changes.
“It is more likely they were brought about by the introduction of superior characteristics from an extraterrestrial gene pool.”
Noblet says the following physical features may indicated a strong extraterrestrial influence in your ancestry:
1. Eye color is usually green or hazel. The eyes are set wide apart in the head.
2. Feet tend to be small and narrow. Toes are apt to be longer than most people feel is normal.
3. Ears are larger than average and set close to the head.
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  2. is it possible that such a b******t being stated by a scientist without any solid argument being published on the internet? I am day by day surprised by such stupidity. Even the graphics you made is of the same substance. 1) first of all interbred with "aliens" it has to be specified what kind of alien species as according to ufo crash retriever clifford stone there are at least 57 species of them. 2) second the "alien" species this presumed scientist talks about is probably the humans who are one of the oldest species in the universe and that's probably the one we descend from. 3) retrieving those related to the first dna is almost impossible as they started the experiment in south africa and then moved to south iraq almost 400.000 years ago and not 8000 years ago. Go back to school moron scientist!!!!

    • I must agee,however there is nothing to
      support, tyes of alien species etc.or even any type of age comparison etc.. however the truth about anything to do with Egyptian Ancient is rapidedly. Becoming the great white Ancient E,gypt.

  3. wow…interesting…how did they come up with these traits. I heard something similar a while ago…with added traits such as high creative abilities: artistic, musical, etc.

  4. sometimes i hold a spoon in my hand. I am making coffee and daydreaming. then when i am about to scoop some suger i see the spoon is completly bent and it wasn't when i took it from the drawer. BTW I have all 11 traights

  5. I do not know if what you say is fact, but I do know that I feel no connection with humanity. Everyday I feel as though I fit in even less than the previous day. I do sometimes wonder if I am even one of you.

    • I have been where you are. I can get you past this. Here’s what you do; eat a little more – green leafy vegetable salad, some protein, fruit. Juice drinks, water. Go outside in the sun more often, and take in a deep breath. Move around, exercise even if it’s just going for a walk. And while you are out there, look around, you will see us out there. Come and say hello. We are waiting for you!

  6. 1st we should know the meaning of what we may call alien because if something we have no idea about it would be called alien and thats the origion of the word so whoever made the comment about needing to go back to school should maybe take there own advice.


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