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JAPAN – One female golfer was handed a harsh punishment – from herself

As the old adage goes “actions speak louder than words” and no one believes that more than Yuko Mitsuka. During the World Ladies Championship last week, Mitsuka was penalized two strokes for her slow play. Frustration got the best of the golfer and she dropped her clubs and walked off the course.

Her actions certainly spoke volumes and they netted her a record Ladies Professional Golfer’s Association fine of two-million-yen ($21,590).

The LPGA of Japan does not take slow play lightly: “This is the biggest fine in Japanese LPGA history,” the tour’s Hideaki Otani told Reuters, “and reflects the seriousness of what took place.

Mitsuka wasn’t done letting her actions speak for her as she subsequently disqualified herself from 11 upcoming tournaments.

“It will have a serious impact on her to miss these tournaments,” JLPGA chief Hisako Higuchi said. “Let this be a lesson to other golfers.”

The understanding seems to be that Mitsuka levied the punishment on herself as a sign of contrition. Some believe it was a punishment derived from the golfer being to hard on herself for being penalized during a tournament. Whatever the case may be, both reasons seem to fall short in comparison to the harshness of the punishment. We would hate to see what the JLPGA’s punishment would be for something serious, like cheating or cheating on your spouse.

On the bright side, at least she didn’t call herself out during a tournament and cost herself $1 million.