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NEW YORK, NY – A photo has surfaced of former President John F. Kennedy on a boat filled with naked women!

TMZ, a celebrity gossip website, has obtained a copy of the photo, which features a man who look suspiciously like John F. Kennedy.

It appears to have been taken in the 1950s, and shows a boat with a man lying on his back. Two naked women are seen sunbathing above him, and two other naked women are seen on the side of the boat.

Multiple forensic photo experts have examined the print and believe it is authentic. The timing would also match up with a two-week boating trip JFK took in August, 1956, during which he was rumored to be “entertaining” women.

It is unknown who took the original photo, but somehow it ended up in the hands of a car dealer on the East coast. He reportedly bragged to his friends about it, but never took it out. After passing away 10 years ago, one of his sons inherited it, who presumably passed it on to TMZ.

At the time, JFK was only a Senator. If the photo had ever been released, he would most assuredly have never become President!

Head over to TMZ’s website to see a high-resolution version of the photo.