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I’m madder than George Clooney at a tranny convention!

Obama had a press conference the other night, but at my house, the Teleprompter Kid is ALWAYS on my TV – he’s already done so many shows that his face is burned into my giant plasmatic screen!

Like I said last month: the Teleprompter Kid owes me a new television on account of this! If he can bail out banks and car factories, he should replace this old Korean War veteran only real friend: his TV.

So the Communist-in-Chief was going on about his new medical plan. I didn’t understand what he was saying, and I’m not sure he did either.

Something about doctors selling kids’ tonsils on the black-market?

Then they asked the Teleprompter Kid about some old professor friend of his who got arrested trying to break into his own house. Obama sure knows a lot of shifty characters!

Between that bomber Bill Ayers, all those tax cheats he hires, and now this Harvard lock-picker, Obama’s like George Clooney in Oceans Eleven, putting together a gang for a heist!

This professor even has a crook’s nickname: “Skip.” Must be because he skips his meds a lot, from the looks of things!

Of course, Obama doesn’t have to knock over the Bellagio. He’s already stealing OUR money, plus printing up more.

The Communist in Chief has no business talking about a crime case like that on national television, and especially calling the cops “stupid.”

This Harvard brainiac lost his own keys then blew up at the cops, but they’re the “stupid” ones?

Makes old Ed glad he never went to college. I don’t think I could handle being as smart as all these Harvard types!