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LOS ANGELES, CA – Lil’ Kim may be performing on “Dancing with the Stars” with a human, but insiders revealed that Kim spent weeks practicing with a mutant dancer!

“Dancing with the Stars” is a highly successful reality series, in which celebrities are paired with professional ballroom dancers to compete live on-air. Like most shows, DWTS has made twist choices to keep it fresh every season. Season 4 featured Heather Mills, a one-legged former model, and the current season was to feature singer Jewel and her husband Ty Murray, before she was forced to drop out due to injury.

This season’s injury bad luck did not stop with just the celebrities. Lil’ Kim, a famous female rapper, was originally paired up with Jackson Lee, a swing dancer champion with a special advantage: a tail! Lacey Schwimmer, a fellow dance contestant, explained, “Everyone was in awe of him. That tail was like a counter-balance, he could pull off moves I’ve never seen!”

Schwimmer showed Weekly World News reporters video of Lee balancing on one hand and lifting Kim above his head using only his tail!

Sadly, mere days before the show was to begin, Lee walked in on Steve Wozniak changing and his tail fell off from fright. Lee must spend months recooperating at home, waiting for his new tail to grow in.

The Cryptids & Humanoids Alliance Against Defamation stated, “While we were very pleased with ABC’s selection of a mutant to be on primetime, we are disappointed with the human replacement. It is well known Jim Morgan the three-legged cha-cha champion was available. His glaring omission seems intentional.”