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EVERGLADES CITY, FL – A group of Florida men videotaped and caught a 750 pound mako shark!

Jamie Bunn, Danny Massa, Jeremy Huston and John Monti went swordfishing on Saturday, off of the Point Everglades Inlet. About 18 miles offshore, they noticed a dead swordfish floating in the water, being circled by a mako shark.

The men decided to lasso the dead fish and draw it up against the boat, so they could get a good look at the shark. Angry over the loss of its food, it began biting the boat’s exhaust and propellers!

After much struggle, they were able to get the shark gaffed and tied. But after almost three hours, they were unable to get it into the boat. “We realized we had a fish well north of 600 pounds when we couldn’t get it in the boat,” Bunn said.

The four men decided to just tie it to the back of the boat and tow it into the marina, where it weighed in at 748 pounds!