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PORTLAND, OR – An archaeologist is finally returning to the secret Bigfoot burial ground she discovered 16 years ago!

The discovery of a gigantic burial mound in the Oregon wilderness in 1993 stunned scientists who said that the plot was littered with the bones of hundreds of Bigfoots – the most elusive creatures known to man.

“I simply cannot overstate the significance of this discovery,” Dr. Jan Margate told reporters at the time.

“The skulls and bones we have recovered from the mound belonged to creatures that stood up to 9 feet tall and weighed as much as 600 pounds.

“And our analysis of the remains confirms that they are neither ape nor human, but something in between. We still have more questions than answers.”

Even though she has announced a new expedition out to the site, Dr. Margate still refuses to pinpoint the location of the burial mound to avoid “a media circus.” In ’93, she did say that her team found the first of the Bigfoot skeletons east of Seneca in the Malheur National Forest.

They began digging after finding an oddly large skull fragment, only to discover countless skeletons, each measuring between 8 and 9 feet tall.

DNA tests were run to confirm that the bones were not only not strictly human, but had be laid there over the past few centuries. This confirmed Margate’s theory that the area was a sacred burial ground for the Bigfoots.

Dr. Margate is now heading back into the wilderness to retrieve more skeletons, as well as any relics such as tools or bits of clothing.

“The fact that these creatures bury their dead indicates intelligence. If we can prove that they created or altered objects for use, we will have a very strong case for active preservation of the species.”

Weekly World News will report on Margate’s findings when she returns.