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5. Courageous Dagmar Quisth rushed into a burning building in Hassleholm, Sweden, and saved six terrified kids from being fried alive. But Sven’s wife Elke filed for divorce three months later, claiming the publicity her hero hubby was getting left her feeling “like a second-class citizen.” The judge ordered her to stand by her man.

4. A two-fisted California couple divorced after blacking each other’s eyes in a knock-down-drag-out brawl – over how to word their placard for a peace demonstration they were attending!

3. A flabbergasted Fritz Stauer sued his wife Marlena for divorce in Gottingen, Germany, after he learned the heartless mom had traded their 2-year-old daughter to a stranger – for a toy poodle!

2. Bewildered businessman Josef Stritzl divorced his wife Katerina in Salzburg, Austria, after three years of marriage – because she insisted on doing yo-yo tricks while they had sex.

1. Frantic Francesca Trito filed for divorce in Malaga, Spain, after learning her harebrained hubby had stolen his entire wardrobe – from cemetery corpses!

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