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Barry Weiss of “Storage Wars” found Jimmy Hoffa’s body in storage locker in Venice, California!


It’s being called the “find of the century.”  Barry Weiss out-bid fellow cast members on A&E’s hit show, “Storage Wars” for a locker on Rose Avenue in Venice, California.  The locker was 10×10 and contained mostly old tools and equipment typically used in a pizzeria.

“In the back of the storage bin was an old carpet.   It was wrapped up tightly in layers of tape and plastic – thing was sealed tighter Beyonce’s behind,” Weiss told WWN.  “Took us a while to cut through the thing.  I was hoping to find an old Picasso rolled up in there or maybe even a rare Indian mat, but then these bones and skull tumbled out. First thing I thought – that must be Jim Morrision.”


Weiss brought the bones and skull down to the LAPD forensics lab and had them do tests.  “They ran the tests and couldn’t believe what they discovered.  Weiss found Jimmy Hoffa.  It’s a 99.99% certainty that the skull and bones were Hoffa!”

Dave Hester congratulates Weiss on his find:


Weiss was thrilled and decided not to sell the bones – which collectors are saying could bring in as much as $30 million.  “Nah, I think I’ll just hang the skull on my wall at home.  Make a good conversation piece,” Weiss said.


So how did Hoffa’s bones wind up in Venice, California.  ” A mobster, Anthony Provenzano, of Detroit was rumored to be responsible for Hoffa’s murder,” said Hoffa expert, Dr. John Billings.  “He was having an affair with an actress who lived in Venice.  Provenzano probably put the car in his trunk, drove out to Venice and shoved it in a locker.  That’s what happened.”

The “Hoffa Found” will air on A&E in January, 2013.