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Hurricane Sandy left millions without power and brought countless dollars in destruction. However, the consequences of the event may be even more severe than thought.

Experts have confirmed that Hurricane Sandy the Eastern portion of the United States solidifies Mayan predictions about the end of the world. The combination of the storms along the East Coast and continued wildfires on the West Coast seem to be straight out of ancient texts concerning the prediction.

“It’s not just some calendar from which we get these ideas about the end of the world,” said one expert, who asked not to be named. “Though the famous Great Cycle of the Long Count will indeed be completed this winter, several Mayan texts suggest that certain signs will precede this.”

One of these texts speaks of a “Grand Continent,” which many have come to think describes North America. The text says, “Wind and Fire will take their sides on the Grand Continent, and then will return to meet in the middle.”

“I think that about sums it up,” said the expert.

Last weekend’s mighty storm was labeled a derecho, or a wide windstorm that moves in a line and is accompanied typically by thunderstorms. Authorities continue to battle the effects of the storm and persisting wildfires, but some believe far more is up ahead.

Though the U.S. government has refused to acknowledge the predictions, many believe federal entities are investigating the prophecy and any kind of solution. Weekly World News will continue to the follow the story.