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BURMA –  Zookeepers have been tending to several pink elephants for years, but this week they were shocked to learn that the pink elephants- talk!

Pink elephants were parading around a Burmese zoo over the weekend – as they do every weekend – when one of them turned to a zookeeper and said, “Peanuts.  I want some peanuts.”   The zookeeper didn’t speak English, but he was shocked to hear words come out of the elephants mouth.  A pink elephant English interpreter was brought in to work with the elephants.

The elephants haven’t stopped talking since.   Zookeepers told WWN that the pink elephants are mostly concerned with zoo conditions, their food and the amount of exercise they are getting on a daily basis.  “They had a lot of complaints, but we are trying to accommodate all their demands,” said Bin Dowa, a zookeeper.

Despite their unusual appearance, the rare pink jumbos, are not a distinct species to grey elephants nor are they albinos.  The animals are treasured in Buddhist countries where their appearance is said to bring good fortune and can herald political change.

And that’s exactly what the elephants told zookeepers.  “They are worried about the end of the world predictions for this December and they want to talk about ways to create harmony in the world – between animals and humans and between humans and humans.”

Will the talking pink elephants save our planet?  Let’s hope so…