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JERSEY SHORE, PA – Purple Squirrels are running wild – attacking property and people!

The fuchsia beasts are rampaging through the streets of Jersey Shore.  Swarms of the purple squirrels have destroyed dozens of houses and there are over 57 people that have been taken to the hospital with multiple squirrel bites.

One couple put out a squirrel trap that they’d left out to prevent the rodents from stealing food from bird feeder – and were shocked to see that they caught a purple critter.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes,” said Gladys Marberry.  “We thought it was a doll, but then it growled at us.  It was so scary.  I hid under the bed.”

A local squirrel expert, Tad Billings said:

“If it has white hair on it at all, it’s probably not dyed. I’ve had multiple squirrels as pets, though, and I’ve certainly never seen a purple one. I’ve seen dark red, light red, gray and brown, but never purple. Also, I’ve tried to dye my dog before, and trust me it didn’t look like this. Though, I’ve only seen a picture, so your guess is as good as mine.”

Billings doesn’t know why the squirrels are destroying property and biting humans.  “They must have been provoked in some way, that’s all I can come up with.”

Authorities in Maine and New Hampshire are also reporting vicious attacks by purple squirrels.  If you see a purple squirrel, do not approach – just call 911!