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EL HUECU, ARGENTINA – An eagle carried away a screaming baby boy!

Incredibly, the 2-year-old child was found four miles from his playground.  He survived with only minor injuries and was found in the eagle’s nest.

“The found the little guy among the boulders, miraculously unhurt,” said photojournalist Hector de Varas, who was taking pictures of his son, Sebastian, on a playground when the eagle swooped down and grabbed him.

They think the eagle either dropped him as it was bringing into the nest or let him go because it was confused by his clothing and his scent. Without a doubt this was the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen.

“The baby was crawling in the grass near a playground when suddenly the big eagle just swooped down out of nowhere.

“There was no way I could reach him in time.  By the time I took my first step toward him, he was gone.”

De Varas says he was visiting his in-laws near El Huecu, Argentina, when he decided to stop at a nearby park and let Sebastian pla.

The baby was in his camera lens when it was suddenly attacked by the eagle, lifted into the air and carried off.

“I tracked the bird as long as I could in my camera lens, snapping a few pictures so we could tell where he was taking Sebastian,” de Varas said.

“Luckily he was spotted four miles away by some goat herders who saw the bird swoop toward earth and then fly off seconds later without his ‘catch.’

“The herders went to see what the eagle had abandoned and found little Sebastian bruised and crying, but otherwise  all right.”

Experts say the eagle has been known to attack and carry away large animals, like sloths, but has never been known to attack and carry off a human being.

This bizarre incident is believed to be the first of its kind in Argentina – or anywhere.

Some scientists blame the eagle’s odd behavior on Climate Change.