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ELMONT, NY –  “Magnificent Mannie,” a horse born with a human face, will run the Belmont Stakes.

WWN obtained top-secret footage from Belmont Stables of unique horse named Magnificent Mannie who will be running in Belmont this weekend.

Magnificent Mannie was recently created by scientists in a top-secret stable.  He  is a horse with a human head.

Magnificent Mannie is already being heavily favored over Animal Kingdom and Mucho Macho.

Here’s another spy photo, a close-up of Mannie:

While some people are criticizing the creation of such a beast, the scientists responsible say the potential benefits outweigh any ethical concerns or risks.

“Our horse may be a little ‘different” but when all is said and done he’s going to help us rewrite the textbooks on genetics.”  Dr. Peter de Vries, the geneticist told newsmen in Amsterdam. “And he’s going to win a lot of races!”

“The techniques that enabled us to create the horse have already been used to treat afflictions like cancer and birth defects and what we learn from out studies of him will almost certainly help us find treatments for many more.

“The animal is in excellent health,” he continued.  “And contrary to what some people might say or think, he’s not a monster to be pitied.  He’s as happy as any animal could possible expect to be.”

Dr. de Vries said the decision to create a racehorse with human features was made over four years ago but getting the $2 million grant needed to finance the project too some doing.  Once the money came in it was relatively simple matter to plant genetic material from a  human into an egg from a horse.

The altered egg was later placed in the womb of a mare that an uneventful pregnancy and gave birth last spring to the human-headed foal, which Dr. de Vries and his staff playfully named “Mannie.”

“The horse is perfectly normal from the neck back,” said Dr. de Vries.

“The head is covered with hair but it clearly possesses human features.  The eyes, nose, mouth and chin are particularly human, as is its tongue.  the animal’s brain was not affected by the experiment.  He is, however, a very smart horse.”

Bet on Magnificent Mannie to win the Belmont.  He’s a sure thing!