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LAS VEGAS — Physicist Stephen Hawking has signed on to be a judge at the 2011 Miss USA Pageant next month.

Hawking appears delighted by the invitation. He told reporters outside of his University of Cambridge office, “This is as close as I’ll get to an afterlife.”

Officials at the Miss USA Organization, were impressed by Hawking’s extensive research in cosmology and offered him a spot on the coveted judging roster.

Veronica Jennings, publicity manager for the Trump Organization, shared the news at a news conference at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Monday. “Like Mr. Hawking, we believe there is a science to beauty. We plan to seat him next to Johnny Weir.”

Vegas oddsmakers predict Hawking will go for either Miss Vermont or Miss Massachusetts.

According to Hawking’s web site, beauty is expressed mathematically as a ratio of 1.618.