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HOLLYWOOD  – Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars premiers tonight on ABC/Family.  There’s a new mystery character revealed:  AA.

The wait is over!   Tonight, Pretty Little Liars Season 2 premieres!   And there are some BIG surprises in store.

WWN does not want to give away too much, but a new character is revealed.  This character’s name is:  AA.   In Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars, the PPLs were taunted – via text, email, phone – by a mysterious person “A.”  That person has yet to be identified, though in the novels by Sara Shepard, A is revealed to be Mona.

AA is twice as evil as A.  Not only does AA send threatening text messages, emails and phone messages,  AA has implanted chips into the brains of the PLLs.   So, AA will be able to control the PLLs thoughts and actions.  It’s going to be a wild ride this season.  Will AA take on A?  Will AA turn out to be Mona as well?  Is there a AAA lurking somewhere?  You’ll have to watch to see!

Last year, Pretty Little Liars became “appointment television” for women 18-35!

There’s going to be more lies, more deceit and a lot more… kissing in Season 2.  The PLLs may even tell lies WHILE they are kissing.   Will there be another murder in Rosewood?  Is Toby the killer?  And what about Chris Brown?  When is he going to appear in an episode?

You’ll just have to tune in.

Here’s some of the stars dishing about tonight’s premiere: