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CUT-N-SHOOT, TX –  Texas man kills world’s largest pig –  1,800 pounds!

Chas Collins of Cut-N-Shoot Texas killed this XXXL pig last week – and he did it with his own bare hands!

The pig was killed in the town of Cut-N-Shoot, TX.  Down there they call these kind of hogs –  Piney Wood Rooters.

Chas Collins saw the massive pig running across his farm.  “He went outside and told me he was going to take on the pig with his bare hands.  I thought he was crazy and I told him so.  I didn’t mince no words neither,” said Maura Kehoe, David’s astrobiologist wife.

Collins snuck up behind the hog.  “I just kind of creeped up on him, then when he turned around I belted him in the eyeball.  Hit him as hard as I could.  Then he started squealing.  I kicked him in the head  and punched him in the other eye.  He started running, and I started chasing him.”

Collins did cheat a bit – after the hog fought back (taking a chunk out of his leg), Collins pulled out a knife and stabbed the hog repeatedly.  “Must have been over three hundred stabs.  I got a real workout,” said Collins.

Over 1,800 lb.  the pig is the largest ever killed in Texas – killed anywhere.  Kevin Kehoe of  “Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue” of Miami, FL has negotiated to purchase the hog for their restaurant.  Mr. Kehoe and Maura Kehoe are brother and sister from a family of 27 children… and 1 more on the way, from Bumfork, West Virginia.

So now what?

“We gonna have the world’s biggest pig roast – and it’s gonna last a month,” said Kevin Kehoe.

Meanwhile, there’s a big herd of hogs gathering at the edge of Collins’ property.  Yeah, there might be a roast, but it’s not sure yet who the roast-ee will be.

Hogs never forget…